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How we hire testers?

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Founding Team

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pictureTo be the world's most preferred testing services provider by helping our clients move faster in right directions and make every single investment in testing meaningful.

Who are we?

Moolya is a group of award winning testers and numerous testing competition winners and  are the best picks among the industry. Testers at Moolya are constantly educated and bring you the latest approaches, techniques and strategies to test with a focus on bringing a smile on your customers face while using your products.

We collaborate with leading testing gurus of the world who guide us in learning and practicing what is valuable for you. We don’t wait for something to become popular and adopt it. We pilot latest innovation in testing on open source products before bringing them to you. We innovate solutions to suit your contexts.

Work with us.

Business Development Monks Needed
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Inviting The Future Prospects of India a.k.a Freshers
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