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We have an extreme competitive edge over others. We understand where your costs are burnt. We practice & advocate - No wasteful documentation, Mission focus, Extreme quick feedback, Providing answers to various stakeholder questions, Clearing traps quickly, Iterative approach, Test coverage beyond functional testing, doing things to help you deploy good products faster and winning a smile on your customers face as a critical activity.

We dont think of testing as a gatekeeping of quality, we gel with several business functions, tap the latest information and make immediate changes to our testing to help you do things much quicker.

We think of test automation as another approach to testing than trying to automate manual tests. We are tired of seeing people selling you poor services.

We realize you need brainual testing where brains are at work to help you. Our ideas have proven to be scalable and reliable for projects of various sizes, budgets and time.

Our testers don't fall to rut and rote procedures and hence constantly think in ways to be more useful to you. We do the kind of testing that provides you with high visibility reducing your costs of maintaining testing.

To put it short - we practice what you hoped to exist for you.


29. October. 2012

James Bach visited India to consult for Moolya Software Testing from 3rd to 7th December 2012.

15. September. 2012

Pradeep Soundararajan Listen to Pradeep on "Making Offshoring Work" and on "Session Based Test Management using Mind Maps" @ Oredev, 5-9 November 2012, Malmo, Sweden.

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24 & 25 March. 2012

Pradeep Soundararajan & Santhosh Tuppad, Directors of Moolya are presenting a workshop on Exploratory Testing & Security Testing respectively.

24 & 25 March. 2012

We are proud to be silver sponsor for BugDeBug conference.

17 - 19 February. 2012

Pradeep Soundararajan, Director of Moolya is one of the speaker at Agile India 2012 Conference, Bangalore. He is presenting a workshop on Exploratory Testing for agile teams.

17. December. 2011

We were proud to present our offerings to 400+ e-commerce entrepreneurs at e-sparks conference stall for Moolya organized by

25. November. 2011

Santhosh Tuppad, Senior Tester of Moolya presented a lightning talk on Web Browser add-on(s) for multi billion dollar organization.

30. November. 2011

Pradeep Soundararajan, Director of Moolya is invited to speak at Yahoo! QE conference where he would be addressing the Testing Community of Yahoo and presenting The Next Generation Tester talk in Bangalore, India

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