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How we hire testers?

We want to make "Moolya Software Testing Private Limited" a dream company for aspiring good testers.

We have extreme high ambitions in testing and we would prefer to work with similar people. We practice not calling testers as “resources” and treat them as how we would treat ourselves.

Many testers who have applied so far don’t appear to have read this page in detail to understand our hiring process. Thankfully, we understand how they would read, analyze and process information given to them by the way they apply.

Entry Level Testers
You got coached by some XYZ institute who might have given you a certificate that you know testing. We don't want that. We need demonstrable skills. Pick up any open source project from, test it, and send us your test report with your name and contact number.

We won't be asking you the questions that are found on some interviews website or terminology, so don't spend time referring to such websites if you are serious about joining us. Spend time bettering your testing skills.

Experienced Testers
You could have lots of years of experience and we'd be delighted to see how good it has helped you. Please test a project from and send us your test report along with your name, contact number and an e-mail ID. If you want to tell us that you are an excellent bug hunter, test automation specialist or whatever tool expertise you have, please consider demonstrating that through the project you are testing.

If your test report interests us, we would ask you to send us your CV / resume and we will provide you with a testing challenge. Once you send in your entry to the testing challenge, we would invite you for an interview which again could be hands on. It really doesn't matter if you are certified by the biggest certification board. What matters to us is that you clear our interviews. 

Hopping from non-IT to testing?
We'd like to encourage anyone who has a passion to test to join us. You could have been working in a Tech Support or a BPO. You could have been repairing electronic goods or making a living out of selling software. As long as you can learn and show competitiveness, we are willing to get you on our board. As there are way too many of them, we would prefer talking to the ones that get us our attention. Be innovative or crazy.

Women friendly environment and opportunities
Many women in India take a break or sabbatical after marriage. They find that the industry is too hard at them when they want to get back. We'd like to be open to the women talent who might have had to take a break for their personal reasons. If you are talented and want to dwell in an environment that would help you grow your talent, we'd like you to participate in our screening process.

When it comes to paying, we have decided to pay well. We mean, we'd like to strike a balance between making profits and keeping smart people happy.

Send us your test reports with just your e-mail ID and contact number to

If it impresses us, we would like to spend time with you exploring opportunities.

Calling Business Development Monks

Here is the startup challenge you would love to take on. We are looking for people who have been there done that and who want to go beyond and do more than what they have done. Developing domestic / international markets? Working on Branding? PR perhaps? How about leadership events? All these are the areas (but not limited to) that you will be working on. We would love to discuss how you can help us and how Moolya can help you. Call us today or send mail to

If you do not have experience, we offer apprentice positions as well. Apply today.

E-mail your skill profile to

Calling Fresh Minds

It's always helpful having fresh minds on the team. Moolya is the place if you want to start your career in testing, work with some of the coolest testers from India and develop your testing skills.

Write to us today to know more about life at Moolya and how we support you in becoming a great tester.

E-mail us at