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About us

Curious to know about us?

Moolya Software Testing Private Limited., headquartered in Bangalore, is the new generation testing services company providing services ranging from offshore testing, on-site testing, exploratory testing, session based test management, check and test automation & consulting to small, medium and large software organizations across the globe.

Moolya's offerings are wide enough to be brought in at any phase of the project. Be it before going to a demo at a conference, beta testing before going live or throughout the product life cycle.

Being a services company, we are focused on getting the brightest talent to solve your testing problems. Our hiring page would give you just enough information to be able to see if we are consistent with our claims. Also, we are going to be keeping our employees happy and they shall pass it on to customers for whom they work.

We have been pioneering the Renaissance of Indian Software Testing and Moolya Software Testing Private Limited is highly committed to making your outsourcing budget be a valuable spend.

If you are thinking about seeking help to solve your testing problems or outsourcing your testing, you should talk to us.

Founding Team

Mohan Panguluri: Co-Founder : CEO

Sridhar Krishna Mohan Panguluri a.k.a PSK has a bachelors degree from BITS, Pilani and Masters in Business Administration from IBS. In his previous stint as an entrepreneur, Mohan co-founded Edista Testing Institute, serving as its COO and facilitated the growth to a million dollar organization. Prior to ETI, he was with Tata Consultancy Services in the United Kingdom, Zee Telefilms and Planetasia. Prior to that he has played several roles of being a web designer to brand manager and things that today is helping him be a cool CEO.

Pradeep Soundararajan: Co-Founder & Director

Pradeep SoundararajanPradeep is an awarded thought leader, renowned author, invited writer and speaker around the world. His consulting stories, test reports and experience reports have fascinated many people across the world. He has consulted for product startups, small & medium size software organizations, and multi billion dollar, euro and pound organizations, too. Pradeep's Tester Tested! blog is one of the widely influential & read blogs in the industry.

Pradeep's contribution to testing has been through educating, writing, speaking, test consulting, community development, open source testing, testing skills development, exploratory testing & rapid software testing. He has tested more than a few hundred products, at least half of them were paid projects. He likes to mention that in past he was fired from a large organization as they considered him as the worst tester they ever hired. He was finding bugs and they couldn't show 98% test case pass to the senior management.

He is humorous and there have been very few people who have not laughed to his humor :-P

Santhosh Tuppad: Co-Founder : Director & Senior Tester

Over the last couple of years, Santhosh Tuppad has come to be known for his testing skills, winning bug battles & testing competitions across the world. He is an avid testing blogger, testing enthusiast who organizes monthly meets for testers in Bangalore & Chennai.

He loves being hands on. While many youngsters of his age are thinking about job security, Santhosh was game to start his own testing services. Santhosh got into testing because his girl friend wanted to. He thanks his girl friend so much today. Santhosh blogs at









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James Bach visited India to consult for Moolya Software Testing from 3rd to 7th December 2012.

15 | September | 2012

Pradeep Soundararajan Listen to Pradeep on "Making Offshoring Work" and on "Session Based Test Management using Mind Maps" @ Oredev, 5-9 November 2012, Malmo, Sweden.

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24 & 25 | March | 2012

Pradeep Soundararajan & Santhosh Tuppad, Directors of Moolya are presenting a workshop on Exploratory Testing & Security Testing respectively.

24 & 25 | March | 2012

We are proud to be silver sponsor for BugDeBug conference.

17 - 19 | February | 2012

Pradeep Soundararajan, Director of Moolya is one of the speaker at Agile India 2012 Conference, Bangalore. He is presenting a workshop on Exploratory Testing for agile teams.

17 | December | 2011

We were proud to present our offerings to 400+ e-commerce entrepreneurs at e-sparks conference stall for Moolya organized by

25 | November | 2011

Santhosh Tuppad, Senior Tester of Moolya presented a lightning talk on Web Browser add-on(s) for multi billion dollar organization.

30 | November | 2011

Pradeep Soundararajan, Director of Moolya is invited to speak at Yahoo! QE conference where he would be addressing the Testing Community of Yahoo and presenting The Next Generation Tester talk in Bangalore, India

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